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Waiting List and Deposits


-I will notify those that are on the "Waiting List" upon the birth of a healthy litter of puppies so that they can place their deposits first. 

-For real time information, make sure to follow our @BlinesAwesomeAussies Facebook, Instagram or TikTok pages.  Information gets posted there usually before I get to the individual contact.


-"WAITING LIST" requires a $50.00 FEE and an Approved Application.  Upon the birth of a new litter, those having paid the "Waiting List" fee are given first/second choice of the puppies, male or female and the color preference of their choice (red/black tri, red/blue merle) along with a prefered eye color (if you have one), in the order that their deposits were placed.  This is due to sometimes having 20+ applications on our puppies and many of them never following through.  We need to determine who is willing to wait for one of our litters and not go off and get a puppy elsewhere after submitting their application. 


**ALL "WAITING LIST" FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE**  The wait list fee signifies the serious intention on behalf of the Adopter towards a Bline’s Awesome Aussies puppy.  This fee is non-refundable and does NOT apply towards the cost of your puppy.  This is an administrative fee.  Paid waitlist applicants are limited to the first 6 for each litter. Meaning, we won't collect '50' people on a waitlist.  An average litter is 6-10 pups.



A "PUPPY DEPOSIT" of $300 (Aussie)-$500(Aussiedoodle) is required once the puppies are born to hold a puppy until it is ready to be picked up around 8 weeks old.  No puppy will be considered on hold until we have received your puppy deposit.  The deposit is applied towards the total adoption fee.  


**ALL "PUPPY DEPOSITS" ARE NON-REFUNDABLE** .  The only exception would be is if something unforeseeable was to happen to your puppy, in which case your deposit would be fully refunded or you may choose to apply your deposit towards the purchase of another available puppy from this litter or another litter.  This deposit signifies good intent on the behalf of the Adopter to follow through with the purchase transaction of a puppy.


DEPOSITS/FEES may be made with a Cashiers Check or through the Good Dog website. 

ALL APPLICATIONS are submitted through the GoodDog website.



-You are welcome to pay for your puppy in full at any time or even make several payments on your puppy in advance. 

-If you need additional time to pick up your puppy in order to arrange for time off in your schedule, you MUST make arrangements with us in advance.  We will charge a nominal additional boarding fee per week.


The actual PUPPY PLACEMENT or PUPPY PICK is made in order of deposit received. Ultimately all puppy placements must be approved by the breeder. Puppy Picking or Assignments are usually made around 5-6 weeks of age. We make weekly observations as we watch their grown & development. We can start to recognize the 'Independent, Dominant, Patient, Confident, Shy, Intelligent' pups during these few weeks. 


At 7 weeks of age we do official puppy temperament testing using the Volhardt Aptitude Test.


Please remember that we reserve the right to have the first pick of any litter and to recommend the best puppy for each applicant based on your completed application, our professional observations, individual temperaments and individual potential homes.  We take into consideration your personal preferences, along with your family make-up and lifestyles, to help make sure you are adopting the best pup for you.

Puppy Visitation
and Pupdates

We understand that you want to know where your puppy comes from and the environment it is raised in. We love having a transparent, open door policy where anyone can visit and we definitely ENCOURAGE you to drive on out to visit the puppies! Unfortunately, there are a few reasons this simply isn't an option for most of you:

1.) We live on our farm in rural Kentucky.  Many of our puppy families are in California and other states all over the US.

2.) Families can be busy and driving 2-4 hours to get to our farm on a weekend just isn't feasible.

In Leui of Regular Visits, We Provide Families With Pupdates:

1 Week of Age: "Newborn Pupdate"
This week we take a group litter photo with mom.

3 Weeks of Age: "Eyes Open Pupdate"
This week we take individual photos of each puppy.

5-7 Weeks of Age: "Toddler Pupdate"
This week we will take individual photos of each puppy, share a short description of your pup as their personality emerges, and details about the fast approaching go-home day!

8 Weeks of Age: "Homeward Bound"
Now is the time for you to send US a pupdate! Send up photos of your pup's first day in your home and we will share these on our Facebook/Instagram pages for their siblings families to enjoy.
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