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Please READ and BROWSE the resources below
by clicking on each icon.

Included at Puppy Pick-Up:
1. Folder including health record and copy of adoption agreement
2. Zip Lock Bag of the FOOD Your Puppy is Currently Eating
3. Special paw print blankie with mom & siblings scents on it.

Nutra Pro.jpg

Our Puppies Eat This Food

Consequences of an Untrained Dog
1. They are harder to control in a dangerous situation.
2. They form weak bonds with their family and are unhappy.
3. They can be dangerous and unpredictable, especially as they g
et older!
NexGen ACS.webp
Invest in the training bond with your puppy right from the start!
With Next Gen ACS's On-Line Puppy Program get a jump start on puppyhood! These 5 weeks of training classes will guide you through crate training, house setup, social exposure and more. 
Ask your questions, connect with other littermate owners. NextGen is based out of Morgan Hill, CA.
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ENS breeding better dogs_edited.png

Best 2 Nail Care Products for your their nails!


My favorite Puppy Shampoos!

I LOVE the smell of the Neem & Citrus

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Click on any icon or picture above to read about how we raise our babies and to access information that you need to know as you prepare for your new furry friend.  

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