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Puppy 101

Planning & Preparing

Are you eager to meet your new puppy?

Get ready for an amazing journey filled with love, laughter and priceless memories, whether you've chosen an Aussie, Aussiedoodle, Mini Aussie or Doxie puppy! These breeds have stunning looks, lovely coats, and expressive eyes that will fascinate you, in addition to being charming, intelligent, and loyal.

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and life-changing experience. Let's dive into the essentials of raising an Aussie, Aussiedoodle, Mini Aussie or Doxie puppy to ensure you're prepared and make this journey truly extraordinary. By arming yourself with the necessary knowledge and resources, you will lay the groundwork for a lifelong bond with your furry friend. Click on the underlined links to see documents.





Getting Ready For Your New Arrival

First and foremost, ensure that your living space is puppy-proofed and safe for your new energetic companion. Here's what you can do:

  • Secure electrical cords and outlets to prevent chewing or accidents.

  • Keep household chemicals, plants, and other hazards out of reach.

  • Block off any potentially dangerous areas, such as stairs or balconies.

Next, make a cozy and comfortable space for your puppy to relax and feel at ease. To keep them entertained, set up a designated area with a comfortable bed or crate, soft blankets or bedding, and some toys and chew items.


Gather the necessary supplies, such as food and water bowls, a crate, toys, and grooming tools, that are appropriate for their size. Refer to our Puppy Shopping List & Bline's Awesome Aussies Amazon Puppy List


Choose high-quality puppy food that meets their nutritional needs, and provide separate heavy tip proof bowls for food and water. They are currently eating a dog food with Multiple Proteins, Fruits/Veggies, Probiotics and small amounts of healthy grain. We find that the food is very well utilized only leaving behind small compact poops. What food should you feed your dog?

Invest in a CRATE that will serve as a safe haven for them, give them treats in there, play 'crate' games, have them take naps in there. Crate training is the tool to use for fast & easy Potty Training also!


Don't forget grooming tools like a good slicker brush, nail clippers, and shampoo to keep their coat and overall hygiene in good shape.


Health & Nutrition

It's critical to prioritize your puppy's health by making an appointment with a reputable veterinarian for a comprehensive health check-up and appropriate vaccinations with-in the first four weeks of taking your puppy home. Here's what you need to know:​

  • Discuss and follow their recommendations for vaccinations to protect against common diseases.

  • Use this time to address any specific health concerns or to seek advice on your puppy's health records, especially the worming protocol that was used.

Understanding your pups nutritional needs is critical. Here are some things you can do to ensure that its nutritional needs are met:

  • All puppies are fed high quality kibble during their first weeks with us. You can choose your own food or continue with this one. Use this score chart to review your puppy food options: ​What to feed your puppy?

  • Choose high-quality puppy food that is designed to promote growth and development.

  • Multiple protein sources, balanced ingredients, and special dietary needs of your puppy should all be considered.

Portion Control and Feeding Schedule:

  • Create a consistent feeding schedule.

  • Portion sizes should be calculated based on their age, weight, and activity level.

  • Assess your puppy's body condition on a regular basis and adjust their diet as needed.

By putting your puppy's health and nutrition first, you're preparing them for a long and happy life as a valued member of your family. Remember that not only your veterinarian, but your breeder too, is a reliable source of information for you throughout this journey.



Training & Socialization

Training and socialization are CRITICAL for your puppy's development and well-being. Here are some strategies for dealing with your new puppy: 

  • Begin training as soon as possible and use positive reinforcement to teach basic commands.

  • When your puppy exhibits desired behaviors, reward them with treats, praise, and affection.

  • Punishment-based training methods should be avoided because they can be harmful to your relationship with your puppy.

  • Expose your puppy to a WIDE range of people, animals, sounds, and environments from an early age. Puppy Socialization Checklist

  • Enroll them in puppy socialization classes or training programs to help them develop their social skills.

    • Early Puppy Training is essential.

    • Look for an AKC Canine Good Citizen Class once your puppy is around 6-8 months old. Don't be disappointed if you need to repeat this class more than once.  This class not only trains the dog, but it trains you too. 

Remember that the most important thing is to have fun and be patient with your puppy. Enjoy the training and socialization process, and you'll build a strong and loving bond along the way.


Mental Stimulation

Aussies, Aussiedoodles, and Mini Aussies are active and intelligent breeds that require mental and physical stimulation to be happy. Here are some suggestions to keep them healthy and happy:

  • Your puppy will need daily activity and engagement. Take them for a walk, play with them, or let them chase toys. Plan to engage in an interactive activity for 30 to 60 minutes per day, depending on their age and energy level.

  • These dogs enjoy both mental and physical challenges. Puzzle toys and interactive feeders are great options for mental stimulation.

  • Your puppy will benefit from socialization and playtime with other dogs. Keep an eye on them and make sure their play area is secure. Choose playmates who are friendly and of a similar size and level of activity to avoid any potential problems. Always AVOID DOG PARKS while your puppy is still young (under 6mo old), the chances of a scary uncontrolled encounter can imprint on them for life.

  • Enrolling your puppy in training classes will keep them engaged and helps you work on appropriate doggy behaviors that will benefit both of you!

Follow these tips to keep your new puppy happy, engaged, and in good spirits! 


Daily Routine

Ensuring your new puppy feels secure and comfortable from the moment they arrive at their new home is so important. A consistent and positive daily routine is essential for instilling trust and strengthening the bond with your new puppy. But you're probably wondering, "How?" 

The first step toward developing a loving and secure attachment with your puppy is to establish a consistent daily routine. Here's how to accomplish it:

  • Adopt a routine: Create a regular schedule for eating, training, playing, and sleeping. Your puppy will feel secure and will know what to expect as a result. The key is predictability! Housebreaking also develops much faster with a routine. Read our Housetraining Tips here.

  • Spend time together: Schedule time each day for exceptional one-on-one interactions. You can brush your dog, give it a light massage, or simply cuddle. During these times, your relationship will grow stronger.

  • Use positive reinforcement: Appropriate rewards for good behavior include praise, food, and affection. As a result of this approach, you and your puppy will develop trust and respect for one another. They'll pick up new information quickly and respond to commands more effectively.

Continue to educate yourself about your Mini Aussie, Aussiedoodle, or Aussie puppy's specific needs and upkeep requirements:​

  • Don't hesitate to reach out to us, your breeder, as a resource. No one knows your pup better than we do, remember we created them and loved them first!

  • Participate in dog-related events: like agility, competitions or other events at training facilities for dogs.

Remember that developing a lifelong relationship with your puppy requires patience, dedication, and constant education. But you'll get something priceless in return: love and loyalty. Enjoy every moment of watching your puppy grow into a valued family member!



To keep your puppy looking and feeling their best, proper grooming and sanitation methods are essential. Here's what you need to know:

  • Brushing these dogs' coats on a regular basis is necessary to avoid matting and tangles. Brush your pet's coat at least a few times per week with a slicker brush or comb designed for their fur type. This not only keeps their coat in good condition but also strengthens your bond with them.

  • Regular nail trimming will make your puppy more comfortable when walking. Use a dog-specific nail clipper to avoid damaging the quick. 

  • Dental care: Start your puppy on a dental care routine as soon as possible to ensure his or her oral health. Brush your dog's teeth on a regular basis with a toothbrush and toothpaste designed specifically for dogs. Give them dental chews or toys to help prevent plaque and tartar buildup,  or use a water additive. Fresh breath, here we come!

  • Bathing: Give your puppy a bath as needed with a gentle dog shampoo. However, keep in mind that frequent bathing may cause their coat to lose its natural oils. Typically you shouldn't bath your dog more than once per month. Aussie and Aussiedoodle coats brush out nice, clean and fluffy even without a bath.

  • Haircuts and Trims:  Aussies usually need a good grooming appointment 2X year during their shedding seasons. Bath, blow-out, hygienic trim and slight shaping of their 'butt fluff' commonly known as their 'Floofie'.

  • Please do NOT shave your Aussie or Mini Aussie's coat shorter than 1-2" and only if necessary. The undercoat will be permanently damaged and the undercoat will not grow back correctly.

  • Aussiedoodles may need regular trimming around their eyes, mouth, butt and feet every few weeks. In addition, they need a full groom and haircut every 8 weeks. The puppy cut or teddy bear cut is popular for Aussies and Aussiedoodle.

Spending time grooming can be a great way to strengthen connections and bonding. To make grooming enjoyable for your puppy, use rewards, praise, and gentle handling. Make grooming time a relaxing experience they'll enjoy!

Congratulations on deciding to add a puppy to your family! We can't wait to accompany you on this incredible journey!

 When you PICK UP your new canine companion, you should expect the following: 

  • Medical file: Our puppies' health is of the utmost importance to us. The folder contains important documents, including their medical history. It contains information on vaccinations, deworming, and veterinary checkups. You will also receive a copy of the adoption contract for your records.

  • Food: We understand how important it is to have a smooth diet transition. We will give you a zip-lock bag containing the food your puppy has been eating. This allows them to settle into their new home without experiencing digestive issues during the first few days.

  • Blanket: We believe it is critical to foster emotional bonds. The paw print throw blanket contains the calming scents of the puppy's mother and siblings. It gives them a sense of security throughout the transition by reminding them of their common relationships. That's how it feels, like receiving a warm hug from their relatives back home.

Our goal is to make the pick-up process as stress-free as possible for both you and your new puppy family member. Keep in mind that the adventure is not over. Maintain their long-term health and happiness by keeping up with their socialization, training, grooming, and regular veterinarian medical care.

We're overjoyed that you chose an Aussie, Aussiedoodle, or Mini Aussie puppy from the breeding program at Bline's Awesome Aussies. With your love, care, and devotion, we are confident that you will create a long-lasting relationship full of happiness, laughter, and priceless memories.


Welcome to the wonderful world of dog ownership!


Please contact us if you need assistance or have any questions about the process.

We will be with you every step of the way. Prepare for an exciting journey with your new fuzzy companion!


Please READ and BROWSE the resources below
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Included at Puppy Pick-Up:
1. Folder including health record and copy of adoption agreement
2. Zip Lock Bag of the FOOD Your Puppy is Currently Eating
3. Special paw print blankie with mom & siblings scents on it.


Best 2 Nail Care Products for their nails!


My favorite Puppy Shampoos!

I LOVE the smell of the Neem & Citrus

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Click on any icon or picture above to read about how we raise our babies and to access information that you need to know as you prepare for your new furry friend.  

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