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Sample Adoption Agreement

UPDATED 12/13/23

This Adoption Agreement is entered into this ________day of ______________________. This document transfers ownership of a puppy to the following 

ADOPTER: Name(s)_________________________Address_______________________________

Phone Numbers____________________________ E-mail___________________________________


Total Adoption fee is $__________; $_______ deposit received, with $_________due on or before pick-up/go-home day. The following conditions apply and must be agreed to:


1.  BREED: The breeder deems the puppy identified in this contract as a premium purebred dog.


2.  YOUR PUPPY: The breeder will estimate the size, drive/personality, coat color, eye color, etc. as accurately as possible, but because there are so many factors involved in their growth and development from puppy to adulthood, including phenotypes and other genetics, in addition to the environmental effects once puppy leaves, the breeder cannot 100% guarantee any specific traits. 


3.  1ST VET VISIT: You have 4 weeks from the date of adoption (pick-up date) to take your puppy in for its first/initial vet visit, or SOONER, especially if you suspect a problem.  If you fail to do so, your health guarantee may be void.  ______ (Initial)


4. 72 HOUR GUARANTEE: This puppy is guaranteed healthy at the time of adoption. If any puppy viruses or life threatening issues are diagnosed within the first 72 hrs, the breeder will pay up to the adoption fee listed in this agreement to cover some or all of the vet bills and/or the puppy may be immediately returned to the breeder.


5. 5 YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE: This puppy is certified as being in good health at the time of adoption and comes with a comprehensive health guarantee. Within the first 5 years of life, if the adopter’s licensed veterinarian finds a life threatening, incurable disease, or other congenital health problem the Breeder must be informed IMMEDIATELY (with-in 24hrs of diagnosis.) A written report from the vet that examined/diagnosed the puppy/adult dog must be obtained and provided. A licensed veterinarian of breeders choice shall be allowed to examine the puppy and the written report to verify this health condition. A new puppy will be provided at no additional cost. The affected dog/puppy may be kept or returned to the breeder. (This Guarantee specifically includes the six genetic conditions on page 4 of this agreement)  


6. PARASITES & COMMON VIRUSES: The Health Guarantee does NOT cover parasite/worms, (internal or external) coccidia, giardia, mange, hypoglycemia, kennel cough, or common viruses such as distemper/parvo/influenza or pneumonia/respiratory infections. All veterinary bills related to any common puppy issues will be the buyer’s responsibility. These common puppy problems are treatable and/or curable if proper veterinary care is given in a timely fashion. ________ (Initial)  Your puppy is being raised on our farm here in Kentucky, where the parasite eggs are prolific and lay dormant in our soil until picked up by one of our animals.  We follow the best parasite/worming protocols established by the veterinarians in our area. Puppies are wormed every 2 weeks with multiple wormers, depending on the results of their specific litter’s stool samples (stool samples on puppies examined every two weeks).  We check stool samples monthly on all our adult dogs and livestock. Parasites in farm animals are always present, our goal is to eliminate the effect on their health & longevity. We use Properly Diluted BLEACH: A. On all floors & surfaces animals are in contact with, B. In every load of animal bedding, and C. We spray the ground areas & toys that our puppies play with outside on a DAILY basis. We do our best to keep all dog/puppy feces cleaned up immediately around the clock 24/7. 


7. 72 HOUR GUARANTEE: This puppy is guaranteed healthy at the time of adoption. If any puppy viruses or life threatening issues are diagnosed within the first 72 hrs, the breeder will pay up to the adoption fee listed in this agreement to cover some or all of the vet bills and/or the puppy may be returned or replaced by the breeder.


8. VACCINES & WORMING: Your puppy has been dewormed several times since birth. They will have received at least ONE initial COMBO 5 in 1 immunization.  Veterinarians in different areas may recommend a slightly different vaccine schedule. Please be aware that vet’s have been known to over vaccinate animals. The optimum recommended schedule, as supported by the American Kennel Club, is the 5-way Combo Booster (Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2 (CAV-2, CAV-1), Parainfluenza and Parvovirus Vaccine) at 8 wks, 12 wks, & 16 wks, with Rabies also being given at 16 wks.  Then an additional booster of each at 1 year old. They may recommend additional immunizations based on the area that you live in. Use care and know exactly what the purpose, advantage & disadvantage, of any additional recommended immunizations .  We, as the Breeders, do give our own vaccines and worming to our puppies.  We are supervised by a vet that comes out to the farm for all our animals. We use Vet approved/provided vaccines and worming meds as needed. Please refer to the specific Health Record you receive when you pick up your puppy. Let us know ASAP if you would like us to NOT give your puppy their first vaccine (i.e. you have an appointment scheduled with your vet shortly after pick-up for his/her first vaccine.) ______(Initial)


9. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Adopter is financially responsible for all medical care (ex. office visits, deworming, vaccines, illness and any other treatment required) once the guardian picks-up/receives the puppy/adult dog. The health and well-being of your dog depends on the quality of care it is given. It is important to take your dog to the vet on a regular basis. You are responsible for any and all medical treatment the dog requires.  The best practice is to always err on the side of caution.  If your dog/puppy is not eating normally, is vomiting, has diarrhea, is sleeping more than usual, or has any other sort of odd behavior, take them into the vet ASAP!  Please don’t wait a few days to see if they improve! Call or text us immediately for a consultation to determine the severity of any potential issues. Usually if 2 or more of the above symptoms are occuring at the same time that is a 911 alert for you.  Early treatment is critical to a positive outcome.  Adopter agrees that they are financially secure and able to afford the proper care for this puppy/dog.______(Initial)


10. CARE OF YOUR PUPPY: This adoption agreement is to provide assurance that all Bline’s Awesome Aussie Dogs will thrive in their loving home, which is intended to be their forever home. As such, the Adopter agrees to give full and proper care to this dog. The Adopter agrees to care for this puppy/dog in a responsible manner to include adherence to:

  • Microchip: It is recommended you have your puppy Micro-Chipped as soon as possible.  Check for a local low-cost pet vaccination clinic at:   Breeder is to be listed as an additional contact on your micro-chip registration: Julie Bline  (916) 600-4803 & (270) 406-8228  ______(Initial)

  • Pet Health Plan: It is recommended, but not required, that you look into the purchase of a health plan recommended by your local veterinarian or look into on-line insurance companies to compare coverage & premiums, as puppies are famous for getting into things that are dangerous. These health plans work just like the ones we have for ourselves, providing a minimum deductible, maximum coverage per year, and co-pays or 100% coverage for routine health care & maintenance. These plans are HIGHLY recommended if you can fit the monthly premium payment into your budget. Right now TruPanion offers 30 days of initial coverage from the day you bring your puppy home if activated in advance or at go-home day.  

  • Feeding Program: The Adopter agrees to feed a quality meat & grain based dog food. See “What Should I Feed My Dog” .  New research shows that a complete lack of grains in a dog's diet over a lifetime is not natural to their historical ancestors and some dogs today have been shown to have premature heart conditions in their later years.  If you plan to feed a raw meat diet, make sure to supplement with some veggies and whole grains or purchase your food from a dog food product manufacturer, either on-line or in a pet store.

  • Heartworm/Flea Treatment: The Adopter agrees to adhere to heartworm and flea treatment monthly OR test annually for heartworm.  DO NOT USE Any Product Containing IVERMECTIN (Such as HeartGuard) We are currently using Simparica TRIO on all our adult dogs here at the farm (see me for resources on finding this product on-line much cheaper than your vet sells it to you for), however, Simparica Trio is a fairly new product so we’ve only been using it since 2021. Our puppies usually leave here with a topical flea/tick treatment of Advantix which lasts about 30 days. (Refer to their Health Record)   ______(Initial)

  • Exercise/Physical Health:  Provide adequate physical & mental exercise for the dog on a regular basis. Mental engagement & daily interaction with your dog is as important, if not more important, than physical exercise.

  • Training:  Adopter agrees to train the dog to basic standards of SAFETY for you & your dog, which includes Basic Obedience. They should learn to sit and ‘look’ to make/hold eye contact with you on command. They should have good recall, meaning they come when you call their name the FIRST time you call them, including and especially, when around distractions. They should allow you to roll them over on their backs for tummy rubs, and feet/mouth/ear handling while remaining relaxed. They shall be properly socialized around other dogs, people and places. Full training support documents specifically related to your puppy from Bline’s Awesome Aussies is available on our Puppy 101 page. Puppy Training Classes and Individual training sessions that take place in your home (1-3 sessions maximum after 6mo old.) is HIGHLY recommended. The final training step in your first year with your puppy is to get your them his/her AKC Good Citizenship certificate for his/her best start in life!

  • Socialization:  The Adopter agrees and understands that the first 4-6 months are THE most crucial time to properly SOCIALIZE your puppy.  The adopter understands that vital reading, training/learning material will be provided on paper at the time of puppy pick-up, in addition to also being available on the Puppy 101 information page of our website. Adopter agrees to read, review and APPLY all information provided on the PUPPY 101 resource pages linked to on our website._____(Initial)  

  • Supervision: The Adopter shall at all times keep their dog under close supervision and maintain under physical control at all time.

  • Grooming: Keep the dog well‐groomed at all times. The dog will need regular brushing to help keep the coat from matting. You may want to utilize a professional groomer about every 6 months to 1 year to keep the coat well maintained and healthy. Do NOT have the dog shaved due to their Double Coat, unless discussing this with Breeder in advance! If a haircut is necessary, a coat length of about 1-2 inches (the ‘puppy’ cut) is a manageable length for most people and does the least amount of damage to their undercoat.


11.  SPAY/NEUTER: Adopter agrees to spay or neuter this puppy by, or before, 15 months of age, and absolutely no earlier than 6 months of age.  Prime time for neutering males is between 7-10 mo.  Prime time for spaying females is between 9-13mo. This does not apply if Breeding Rights are Granted.


12.  RE-HOMING: If for any reason the Adopter is no longer willing, or able, to properly care for this puppy/dog, Bline’s Awesome Aussies shall be contacted immediately, whereby they may either keep him/her or find him/her a very carefully screened new home.  No refund shall be made for any fees paid.  Adopter agrees that under NO circumstances will the puppy be placed in a pound, shelter, or given to a rescue without first contacting the Breeder. ______(Initial) 


13. UPDATED PHOTOS TO BREEDER: It is requested that you send updates & pics periodically: At LEAST on their first days at home, 6 mo. & 1 year, through Text, E-mail or Social Media so that we can be assured that all is well and we truly LOVE to see how your baby matures!  

14. ADOPTION AGREEMENT: If the adopter is found to seriously breach one or multiple parts of this contract, then the breeder retains the right to repossess the puppy/dog without reimbursement to any others involved, for the best welfare of the puppy/dog.


This contract shall be signed and adhered to by both adopter and breeder for the well-being of this puppy and all dog breeds in general. 


Breeder: ___________________________________________ Date: __________________


Adopter: ___________________________________________Date:__________________



Cleared Genetic DNA by Parentage - 5 Year Genetic Health Guarantee - .

If a licensed veterinarian diagnoses a life threatening, incurable disease, or other congenital health problem OR your dog is found to be AFFECTED (carrier of 2 copies of the DNA for a genetic life threatening condition) the adopter has the following options after following the Breeders Verified Proof of Testing Requirements: 

1. The puppy/adult dog may be returned to the seller and replaced with a new puppy (within 5 years of age). 

2. Puppy/Dog may be kept and a new puppy will be provided at no additional cost.


Common genetic conditions for this breed include, but are not limited to, the genetic pre-dispositions below:


Cone Degeneration

Aliases: Achromatopsia, Day blindness, Hemeralopia, Rod monochromacy, CD


Degenerative Myelopathy

Aliases: Canine degenerative myelopathy, DM


Hereditary Cataracts (Australian Shepherd Type)

Aliases: Early onset cataracts, Juvenile cataracts, HC, HSF4, JC


Multifocal Retinopathy 1

Aliases: Canine multifocal retinopathy 1, CMR1


Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6

Aliases: Amaurotic idiocy, Batten disease, NCL, NCL6


Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration


* MDR1 (Multidrug Resistance Mutation).* See PDFon MDR1 precautions.  Your puppy SHOULD test Negative OR Carrier/Not Affected for this gene, HOWEVER, they could STILL have unknown severe allergic reactions to certain medications, such as IVERMECTIN (or HeartGuard).  It is recommended that you and your veterinarian maintain this caution and be vigilant at all times with your Australian Shepherds in regards to what medications are the safest for your fur baby, even with a negative test result, they may still be at risk.  Anaphylactic shock happens quickly and can be lethal if emergency veterinary care is not provided immediately.                                


Please share this information with your veterinarian. _____________(Initial)



AKC Recommended Vaccine Schedule



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