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❤️Our little babies will be ready to go home in soon!❤️


❤️We are excited on this venture with our Aussiedoodles for our family.  Our son Will has always suffered allergies to our cats and dogs, so his room was always 'hands off' with the animals.  Patsy has additional privileges that our Aussie's don't have due to their ability to have no/limited shedding and no dirt build up in their fur.  Yes, they get dirty, but they don't shed off dirt/hair all over our furniture and floors. They can also swim in our pool without clogging the filter!    

Why an Aussiedoodle? 
❤️If you already love the energy, enthusiasm, devotion and smart thinking of the Aussie; then add the fun, loving, quirky Poodle traits for the perfect family companion. Poodles & Doodles can be great for special needs children/adults, in addition to being good therapy dogs.  There is something very sensory soothing in their curly, kinky, soft, silky, fur.   
❤️All our Aussiedoodle babies will be F1 (First Generation: 50% Aussie/50%Poodle) or F1b ONLY in order to maintain those Aussie characteristics that we all know and love! We do NOT breed Double Doodle crosses, there is just not enough predictability in the gene pool at that point.
All our dogs are DNA Health and Trait tested. Our poodles carry 2 copies of BOTH the Hair Gene & the Furnishings Gene. These two genes when combined in a doodle, produce puppies that will grow long poodle hair with various degrees of waviness.
❤️They will require regular grooming appointments for haircuts every 8-10 weeks.  As they have the poodle 'hair' (that's what makes them more hypoallergenic) which grows constantly, rather than just 'fur'.  All our dogs have had full DNA genetic health testing. All puppies come with a 5 year health guarantee.

Hypoallergenic Hair?
❤️Not all Doodles have the same level of hair growth. Charlie and Patsy both carry the double Curl Gene and the double Furnishings Gene. These are the two genes that create the most hypoallergenic hair in their offspring. 
❤️No dog is truly hypoallergic as it is the outside pollutants that attach to their bodies that cause the majority of allergies.  However, you will notice less hair, with the attached allergens, hanging around all over your house with a Poodle and with Doodles that carry at least 1 Curl Gene and 1 Furnishings Gene.
❤️Are F1 Aussiedoodles Curly?
F1 Aussiedoodles can have either wavy or curly fur. F1 Aussiedoodles will have very loose curls rather than tight ones. If you want a super curly Aussiedoodle, the next generation, F1b doodles, are much more likely to have curlier fur as . F1b=25% Aussie/75%Poodle
❤️ F1b Aussiedoodles have a 50% greater chance of having the double curl gene, which results in a curlier/kinkier fur. We can tell by the time they are only a few days/weeks old how kinky each pups fur will usually be.


Bline's Awesome Poodle's

❤️Our little Moyen Poodle girl, Patsy, has been a bouncing bundle of joy.  She is ALWAYS happy and carefree.  Her life consists of play and love...  Her sweet innocence and bouncy devotion will combine very well with the intelligence, energy and sweetness of our Aussies.


❤️Our 2nd is a mini poodle boy, Charlie!  We rescued him from another breeder that didn't socialize him at all.  We got him at 9mo of age so it's taken a while for him to warm up to us, but he sure enjoys being a farm dog!  A little grooming, a little love, extra food to fatten him up and he's golden. He has won over our hearts.


❤️We are equally excited to have had Daisy the aussiedoodle come into our lives in 2022! She is a Patsy/Maverick baby from 2 years ago.  She came to us traumatized at the tragic loss of her family and we have seen her regain her happy and bond with us as her forever family. We were not planning on breeding her this year, but Charlie became her best buddy and they have been inseparable.  He knew she was in her cycle way before we did!  Of course, Daisy has her own mind also.  As is typical of all our Aussie mama's, she has been the calmest, most attentive mom!

❤️We'd like you to meet Dolly! She is a Kentucky bred girl who's been part of our family for 2 years.  She just had her first litter of pups and officially qualifies as super mom! There are only 2 things on her mind: Eating & Nursing.  As long as she can do one of the two she is a happy girl!  She is a sweet, calm, carefree & playful girl who has been a blessing to our family.


Jack & Jill are sweet mini poodles that we adopted together. Jack has pretty marbled blue eyes and Jill has very expressive brown eyes. Both are super affectionate, loving and well behaved.



❤️MALE OR FEMALE? BOY VS. GIRL? Which do you prefer. 

A FEMALE Aussiedoodle tends to say "Love Me" 

A MALE Aussiedoodle says “I Love You"  

Both males and females make great companions and/or family members and each dog will be an individual.


FEMALES: Many people believe that female dogs make better pets. Most of the calls we receiving asking about our pups are wanting a "sweet little girl". They don't think females display alpha behavior like "marking" and/or "humping". They believe that they are docile and attentive and do not participate in fighting for dominance. This couldn't be further from the truth! 

In the 'dog pack' makeup, females usually rule the roost, they take life a bit more seriously, determine pecking order and compete to maintain and/or alter that order. The females are, as a result, more independent, stubborn and territorial than their male counterparts. If you have several females, they may be more likely to have issues with each other than several boys do. Most fights will usually break out between two females.


MALES on the other hand are usually more affectionate, exuberant, attentive and more desiring to please. They are very attached to their people. They also tend to be more steadfast, reliable and less moody. They are more outgoing, more accepting of other pets, playful for more years and take quicker to children. Most boys are easily motivated by food and praise and are so eager to please that training is easy. Boys are fun loving until the day they die. Females tend to be more reserved or dignified as they age. Neutered males rarely exhibit common undesirable secondary behaviors such as "humping" or "marking". If neutered when young, less than 9 months, they tend not to have any of these male behaviors at all.

Now accepting applications for current puppies and our future Litters

You should hear from us within 2 business days of submitting your application. We respond to ALL applications, so if you do not receive a response from us in this time frame, please email us directly at 
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