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Frequently Asked Questions

1. HEALTH: Will my pup be dewormed and have its shots when I get to bring him/her home?
    Yes, they will have received wormer at 3, 5 and 7 weeks of age.  They will have received the 1st shot of their needed 3 dose series.  They need immunizations at 8, 12 and 16 weeks of age.  Review this document for an idea of what you will get when you pick up your pup:  Shots 4 Pups  They will also have received a 30-day dose of Advantix, Flea & Tic treatment.  They live in the country right now, and we have Tics, big time!  

We, as the Breeders, do give our own vaccines and worming to our puppies.  We are supervised by a vet that comes out to the farm for all our animals. We use Vet approved/provided vaccines and worming meds as needed. Please refer to the specific health record you receive when you pick up your puppy. Let us know ASAP if you would like us to NOT give your puppy their first vaccine (ie you have an appointment scheduled with your vet immediately after pick-up for his/her first vaccine.)

2. HEALTH: Will my pup be Micro-Chipped? No, not before he/she leaves us. Part of the adoption contract recommends that you will get your pup micro-chipped. 

3. HEALTH: Are the parents genetic tests and papers available?  All of our dogs are either DNA tested directly or clear through parentage. Ask for us to send you copies of the reports.

4. HEALTH: Will you provide a Health Guarantee & Contract?  Yes, there is a mandatory adoption agreement and it includes a health guarantee.  Please read though it carefully and ask any questions you may have ahead of time:  Adoption Agreement

5. ENVIRONMENT: Where are the puppies kept until pick-up?  They are kept as part of the family. They spend their first 3 weeks in our bedroom.  Afterwards, they move out to the main area of the house, with short outside explorations.  At 6 weeks, they start to spend most of their time outside (assuming good weather), but are put up in the house in a large/or individual kennel at night for safely.  They all get to explore inside the house and all of the various parts of our property while they are here. 

6. ENVIRONMENT: How are the puppies socialized?  Each puppy is individually held each day from birth.  They are exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation.  We encourage our neighbors, friends and their kids to come visit our puppies as often as possible.  They are exposed to numerous people, animals, and exploration of many different locations, sounds, smells, and textures around our farm.

7. ENVIRONMENT: What training will they have received?  Do you work on potty training?  We do not start any leash or collar training before 8 weeks.  Our job is to love them, play with them, expose them to new experiences and socialize them as much as possible.  When put up at night or during the day in a large area or kennel, they have access to 'litter boxes' full of grass alfalfa pellets from the feed store.  They slowly learn to eliminate in them by about 6 or 7 weeks old.  However, not all of them use it.  There is always a rebel and I never get to see who it is!  LOL   Once they go home, is seems to help them transition to pottying outside just fine.  We do not use puppy pads, as they just end up in shreds with our litters of puppies.

8. GETTING READY FOR PUPPY: When will I be able to pick-up my puppy?  At or around the 8 week mark depending on where it falls in a given week.   Either the weekend just before they are 8 weeks, or just after they are 8 weeks.  Mid-week pick-ups are also available.  Schedule your pick-up time a week or more in advance.

9. GETTING READY FOR PUPPY: Do you recommend any training materials, specific brand of food, treats and/or anything else?  Yes, I highly recommend reading or watching the DVD's of The MONKS of New Skete.  Food, treats, and puppy supply recommendations are in the puppy shopping list on our Puppy 101 page.

10. OUR PROGRAM: How long have you been breeding Aussie's?  We had our first litter of Aussie's 20 years ago when our kids were really little.   We have been breeding on a regular basis here on our farm since 2015.  We fell in love with the Aussie breed when researching good family dogs when our kids were just babies.  We always had rescues before then, but one of ours turned out to be very aggressive with our kids once they hit toddler stage.  We have still adopted several rescue dogs over the years, but nothing beats our Aussies.

11. OUR PROGRAM: Are both parents kept on site?  Yes, all our dogs live here with us on the farm in KY.

12. OUR PROGRAM: How are the parents temperaments? All of our dogs are very unique, in fact you can Meet Our Dogs here.  Part of the Aussie breed is the variety of personalities among them.  They are all good family dogs and they LOVE their human/animal''Packs'.  In order to live here on our farm, they must be good with visitors (as we get lots!), they need to be good with all of our livestock, and they must get along with the other dogs.  Some are a little more reserved with strangers, some love to get in the car and go, while others get so car sick, they hate to travel anywhere.  Some love every person they see at first sight.  Some of them distrust other dog/animal visitors on sight, but then get used to them if they stay awhile.  We LOVE each and every one of them.  They all have a place in our family unit that, in doggie mentality, would call their ''PACK' . The mommas are usually all very over-protective of their babies, but that is just because they are good mommies!  HOWEVER, the end personality of your pup is going to be significantly impacted by how you raise him/her.

13. OUR PROGRAM: Do you breed working dogs, or calmer dogs for pet purposes?  We breed for pet and family purposes and NOT for working.  Most of our Aussie's demonstrate the ability and desire to 'drive' or 'work', but if so, it is in moderation or very little at all. This is part of who they are!

14. OUR PROGRAM: Can we see pictures and videos of them as they grow?  Yes, absolutely!  I post updates on our Facebook & Instagram page.  In addition, I will send pics & videos directly, especially after 3-4 weeks of age, once their eyes open and they start to act like puppies.  Facebook Messenger or iPhone/iPad Messaging works best for videos.  We have a schedule of how often we send/post updates here: VISITATION

15. OUR PROGRAM: Can I leave a special toy or blanket with you so that it will absorb the familiar scents of your home and litter mates?  Yes you can.  In addition, all of our pups leave with a small paw print blankie with mom and littermates scent on them.  They also leave with a small bag of the food that they have been eating.

16. OUR PROGRAM: Can we come see the puppies in person before the 8 week mark?  Yes, absolutely!  We just need to schedule in advance to align availability.  I do work full time taking care of the farm and we are a ministry family, so it can get busy around here. Otherwise, we all like to just be home as much as possible. Read about our VISITATION policy here.

17. OUR PROGRAM: How will I pick my puppy?  Upon the placement of your deposit, you specified a potential sex and color preference.  Your deposit reserves you a pup and puts you in line for the puppy picking order. Most puppy parents prefer to make the final decision of which puppy is theirs, usually by 5-6 weeks, sometimes sooner, depending on your desires & connections with the pups.  I observe them daily and will give you insight in order to help guide you towards a puppy that fill fit in well with your household.  I also take lots of videos and send them out via text through my iphone.

18. OUR PROGRAM: Did I miss your question? Please feel free to call, send me an e-mail or text!   Everyone always seems to have their own unique questions and I LOVE to answer questions about our puppies and how we raise them.
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