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Current Waitlist 
Last updated 10/10/23

Not on our waitlist yetComplete the application below to start the process:


Mini Dachshund

Australian Shepherd



The actual PUPPY PLACEMENT or PUPPY PICK is made in order of deposit received. Ultimately all puppy placements must be approved by the breeder. Puppy Picking or Assignments are usually made around 5-6 weeks of age. We make weekly observations as we watch their grown & development. We can start to recognize the 'Independent, Dominant, Patient, Confident, Shy, Intelligent' pups during these few weeks. 


At 7 weeks of age we do official puppy temperament testing using the Volhardt Aptitude Test.


Please remember that we reserve the right to have the first pick of any litter and to recommend the best puppy for each applicant based on your completed application, our professional observations, individual puppy temperaments and individual family lifestyles.  We take into consideration your personal preferences or puppy choice, along with the factors above, to help make sure you are adopting the best pup for you.

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