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Bline's Awesome 'Jack'

Our Awesome Poodles!

First and foremost, all our fur babies are our pets.  Yes, we admit to having an addiction!  Thus, the reason we needed to move onto our 30 acre farm in KY :)

Our sweet Mini Poodle babies:

Jill is never far from our side, always game for a lap to snuggle on, while Jack is always on the move looking for new toys to play with and things to explore. 
You are SURE to fall in love with their perfectly precious offspring.

Makenna is cute as a button with blue eyes and blue merle coloring.  She follows me around and loves being in the middle of whatever I'm doing. She enjoys car rides and being carried around in her doggy pack. She was adopted with her best friend from an Amish family.  Mac is a little bit independent and confident.  He has already tried to be the pack leader of the farm!

Bline's Awesome 'Jill'

Bline's Awesome 'Mac'

Bline's Awesome 'Dolly'