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Adoption Fees

(Updated 5/8/2023)



QUALITY: Our prices reflect the top level of care we put into all our dogs. We use high quality food and supplements, along with extensive health & trait testing. Not to mention the 40+ hrs a week we invest in our dogs health, physical, social & emotional well-being as our beloved farm and family members. 


EDUCATION: Julie has a Masters Degree in Special Education & Child Development; since retiring as a teacher, she has expanded her professional development to include dog/puppy development and puppy/dog training psychology. Our moms & babies are raised by an educated and experienced breeder. This expertise is available to you for the life of your puppy.


NUTRITION: Moms are supplemented with the best foods to support their health & weight retention while producing the best quality milk for your puppy. Most moms choose to continue nursing until pups are 8 weeks old, but we like to wean them off mom around 6 weeks, if we can (we have some headstrong mamas!)


LINEAGE: All parents are generation tried and tested for optimal offspring that will have solid, friendly, intuitive temperaments.  We breed for quality and provide the optimum foundation. Each puppy is individually handled daily, with multiple socialization and exposure opportunities each day.  With proper basic training, you can raise up our puppies for agility, competition, therapy, working service dogs and as an outstanding family member! As a solid foundation, we highly encourage all our dogs complete a Canine Good Citizenship training class between 6-12mo of age, most Petco stores and many private trainers offer these classes.

AFFORDABLE: Since the intense rate of inflation over the last couple of years, we have tried to absorb the rising cost of living, which we managed to do by moving to Kentucky when we did.  We have not raised our prices over $200 per puppy in the last 4 years.  Our goal is to keep our prices affordable so that we can put our sweet healthy babies into the homes of as many families as we can!

Adoption Fees Include:

- 5yr. Health Guarantee/Lifetime Breeder Support with Health & Training

- Multiple Deworming & First set of Puppy Shots

- Limited Registration through ASDR provided upon request.

- Full registration through ASDR provided with breeding rights.

Breeding Rights Additional Fee +$350 (only available on approved puppies/to approved homes)


FULL TAILED Aussie's  (Variance depends on eye color & individual pup)

Female Merle - $1600-$1800

Male Merle - $1500-$1800

Male/Female Tri - $1200-$1500

$300 DEPOSIT required at birth to reserve an Aussie puppy.

FULL TAILED AussieDoodles  (Variance depends on eye color & individual pup) 

$2300-$2500 Solid Colors

(w/minor white or copper on their face/neck/feet)

$2500-$2800 White/Parti Color combos (More than 30% white on their bodies)

$2800-$3500 Merle Patterns

$500 DEPOSIT required at birth to reserve an Aussiedoodle puppy.


*DELIVERY is available for FREE to Sacramento, CA if it is one of our regularly scheduled trips, otherwise we will personally deliver to any major airport for $300-$600, this option usually requires 2-3 weeks advance notice.

**ALL "PUPPY DEPOSITS" ARE NON-REFUNDABLE** .  The only exception would be is if something unforeseeable was to happen to your puppy, in which case your deposit would be fully refunded or you may choose to apply your deposit towards the purchase of another available puppy from this litter or another litter.  This deposit signifies good intent on the behalf of the Adopter to follow through with the adoption of a puppy.


Initial Deposits & Waitlist Fees will be made through the GoodDog website, Read more about GoodDog here: A personal check may also be sent by mail if needed.

Final Payments are due on or before 8 weeks of age.  You may use Good Dog, Zelle, Cashiers Check or Cash.

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