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Meet Our Available Adults


Our farm is home to many rescue Aussie's and sometimes other breeds too!  We socialize, rehabilitate and observe their behavior and temperament in order to match them with their perfect forever home. Sometimes, they just need a place to relax, regroup and reconnect with what it means to be a dog for several months or even years. They experience unconditional love, safety and security here on our farm until they are ready to find their new family.  Some stay with us forever, some need a special family of their own in order to be truly secure, in return, they will give their unconditional LOVE!

"In a Perfect World Every Human Should Have a Dog and Every Dog Should Have a Human"

Some available adults may be well-bred puppies that we've raised and they may or may not have had puppies.  We have lots of animals and they need to share their people. Sometimes certain Aussie's end up needing a smaller family of their own, where the attention is shared with less animals.  All pups we raise are housetrained, socialized and have basic manners.  Most are crate trained. 

ALL are LOVED & SPOILED to the best of our ability!


Born: 6/6/18


Color: Red Tri, 1 Hazel/1 Blue Eye
Height: 18"  Weight: 38lbs.
Registration: AKC, ASDR

Neg. Carrier:  None - ALL CLEAR


DIXIE is a smaller standard AKC Aussie at 35lbs. Dixie is SUPER smart! She lives with us on the farm in Burkesville, Kentucky and rarely wants to be outside longer than it takes to do her business and have a good roll in the grass, if we're not out there with her. We've had Dixie since she was 8 weeks old. She will always have a home here on our farm, however, she is a girl that really would thrive from having a home of her own where she can have the full attention of her person. She has started to become jealous of the other dogs if they try to take attention away from her, therefore, we are thinking that she may need to be an only dog.  Please be thorough in your application answers, we will be very picky to make sure you and your home are a good fit for Dixie. Please read through ALL the information below:



Although she is a very athletic girl, she will choose snuggling in your lap or just snoozing next to you on the couch any day or time, for as long as she can get!  She is house trained, spayed, microchipped & up-to-date on all vaccinations.



-She would love a home where she can be involved in the center of all that is going on.  She will sleep in your bed & keep you warm.  She will join you on your outdoor adventures and she loves car rides. 

-She will need some desensitization transition time with lots of love & affection as she settles into her new home & routine.  Change can be a struggle sometimes for Aussies and Dixie is very sensitive.


-She likes car rides and gets along great with other dogs.

-She does have trouble trusting new humans into her home ESPECIALLY if they are NOT dog people, she’s extremely intuitive. (I always have her greet visitors to the house on a leash just in case she becomes protective). She will make slight growling noises & have wide distrustful eyes. She’s very easy to read.  She is not a dog that strangers can just walk up and pet whenever they want.

-Dixie is HIGHLY food motivated, so with bonding & positive treat reinforcement she will quickly learn that you’ve got her back!  

-Dixie does startle easily when she hears noises and is an aggressive barker, making her a great watch dog.



-Such a smart, loving, calm and affectionate Aussie is a rare treat to find.  

-She comes with lifetime breeder training & support.  

-I would love to personally bring her to you for your first meet & greet! 

-All placements are on a trial basis to make sure it is a right fit for both of you.

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