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Our farm is home to many rescue Aussie's and sometimes other breeds too!  We socialize, rehabilitate and observe their behavior and temperament in order to match them with their perfect forever home. Sometimes, they just need a place to relax, regroup and reconnect with what it means to be a dog for several months or even years. They experience unconditional love, safety and security here on our farm until they are ready to find their new family.  Some stay with us forever, some need a special family of their own in order to be truly secure, in return, they will give their unconditional LOVE!

"In a Perfect World Every Human Should Have a Dog and Every Dog Should Have a Human"

Some available adults may be well-bred puppies that we've raised and they may or may not have had puppies.  We have lots of animals and they need to share their people. Sometimes certain Aussie's end up needing a smaller family of their own, where the attention is shared with less animals.  All pups we raise are housetrained, socialized and have basic manners.  Most are crate trained. 

ALL are LOVED & SPOILED to the best of our ability!

Meet Our Available Adults


Born: 6/6/18


Color: Red Tri, 1 Hazel/1 Blue Eye
Height: 18"  Weight: 38lbs.
Registration: AKC, ASDR

Neg. Carrier:  None - ALL CLEAR



Rosie is expecting!  So she will be available to go home around the end of Feb. 2023 after her babies are weaned at 8 weeks old. It would be AMAZING of someone would be interested in adopting Rosie with one of her puppies.  She expecting F1 Mini Aussiedoodles.


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