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When Bad Things Happen to Good Breeders - Parvo Sucks ❤️‍🩹

Updated: Mar 17

Scary Parvovirus Outbreak 😷 😭🦠 Transparency is Very Important to Us. Here on our farm in rural Kentucky, we thought we were out of reach and secluded from exposure to Puppy Parvo.

As our vet assured us, we didn't do anything wrong. This virus is transmitted and spread by all the unvaccinated dogs in our world. Everywhere they touch and everywhere they poop, they can leave behind millions of Parvo Virus particles that can last for years in the soil. People carry this virus around on the bottom of their shoes, everything their contaminated owners touch, and those innocent bystanders that decided to pet these unvaccinated dogs, all contribute to this widespread, uncontrollable contamination.

It's impossible to contain, as it's a silent deadly killer of young puppies that have not yet completed their full series of puppy shots by the age of 4mo old. After their third vaccination at 16 wks old (4 months old) they still need an additional 2 weeks for their immune system to fully assimilate their resistance to this and other deadly viruses.

Unvaccinated healthy adult dogs are not affected & rarely get sick from the parvovirus. Young immature puppy immune systems & unvaccinated elderly or sickly adults are the victims.

We are now working around the clock in our puppy/dog room, now turned into a hospital room. Healthy puppies are kept isolated from sick puppies and monitored closely. At their first sign of illness we move them to the treatment area and start our rigorous treatment plan assigned to us by our trusted veterinarian, Dr. Campbell of Burkesville, KY.

Dr. Campbell has us vaccinating our adult dogs yearly here on the farm, in order to make sure they have strong antibodies to pass onto their babies.

We are currently in a battle against Parvo with these absolutely sweet babies in our hands. Their anxious families are sitting patiently in their homes, riddled with worry and anxiety, waiting for any and all updates on their puppy, praying and hoping ALL these babies pull through.

On the bright side, their doctor assures us that these survivors will have super powered immune systems for the rest of their lives. They should NOT ever get Parvo again as their immunity will be 100x stronger than those dogs that are kept up-to-date on their vaccines.

They will live long healthy lives without any long-term isses from this battle going on inside their little bodies. Bless all the poor puppy babies in our world taken from us by this deadly illness. I truly believe these babies are all running around in heaven just waiting to be reunited with their people and living the ultimate puppy life while waiting for us.

I know that for me, heaven means being showered in love by every puppy, dog, animal or loved one we've ever lost. God loves and values every single being that he has created. Too many people in our world today have embraced the sin and evil in this world, perpetuating sickness and undue struggles during our lifetimes. I know I will be ready for my day to spend eternity in heaven with our loving creator, surrounded only by all things beautiful and wonderfully created by Him.

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09 mar
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Prayers for all your fur babies!

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07 mar
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Praying that all our babies survive. They are strong and responding well to the rigorous treatment plan from our veterinarian.

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