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Happy, Healthy Puppies in spite of Parvo!

Hank, a sweet red tri boy without a waiting home just yet

Watching them every day jump up and get excited as they greet us just lifts our spirits. As long as we only have a couple that were nursing at a time all the rest of the happy, excited, anxious to get out of their little pens and explore, puppies, provide the love we need to fortify is keep us going with positivity.

I can honestly say that in a previous post, I warned about people selling puppies with Pavo, knowing they were sick, after lecturing everybody, and sharing the dangers of puppies with Parvo going home, we ended up with Pavo at our farm and losing one puppy that already went home with her new human mama and didn’t make it.😩 We will be offering her a replacement puppy at no cost when she’s ready. I feel like a hypocrite, but we are quarantining every single puppy for 30 days, as recommended by our veterinarian, Dr. Campbell. It has been an investment of $2800+ with the vet for all of their testing & treatments up till now. We will not send them home until they have tested negative for Pavo, all the puppies have been affected and exposed to Pavo, so at some point, there will be some Pavo viruses excreted in their poop. The pups that have not gotten sick are likely the ones whose immunities were just extra strong. The IV injection of immunity serum from the veterinarian, while costly, was worth its weight in gold helping these puppies immune systems  stay strong and fight off this Pavo virus. We stay hopeful and pray 🙏 that potential puppy owners recognize the difference between an ethical, loving breeder like us and those other 'people' out there breeding puppies just to make money.

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW and share if you or someone you know has been scammed by a puppy scammer, or a sick puppy from a 'breeder?' and then had that breeder 'ghost' them and not respond at all when you notified them of your sick puppy. 😢

This is a real thing, and I ask you to join me in spreading the word to as many potential Puppy🥰 parents as possible so they can avoid the heartbreak. MY NEPHEW DID JUST SUCH A THING only a month ago, HE BOUGHT AN $800 Golden Retriever PUPPY that was only 6 1/2 weeks old , FROM A BREEDER THAT APPEARED COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE. THAT PUPPY WAS SICK WITH PAVO WITHIN THREE DAYS and their breeder never responded to them when they tried to notify them of the situation. They spent over $3500 at the highly esteemed UC Davis Veterinary Medical Facility in California, and they still lost their puppy to this horrible disease.

At least 50% of the people that contact me inquiring about a puppy have had this happen to them, or someone they know, in the last two years. Unfortunately these people already paid $300 to $500 for their pup, plus outrageous vet fees and so they are looking for another 'cheap' puppy as they are now especially unable to afford one of our babies.

How can we support breeders like me and our endeavor to provide healthy, well socialized Pups with extensive health guarantees? Our contract says that we don't cover for Puppy Paro in our guarantee as it's such a common issue in so many puppies. However, we are not bound to follow that in our practice. If someone gets a puppy from us and loses it right away to Pavo, we absolutely want them to be able to have a replacement puppy for free if they feel they are ready to do so. This is what set us apart from the majority of other breeders here in the US.

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My heart breaks when I hear about lost puppies that have succumbed to this awful Pavo virus lurking everywhere, hidden in the ground and in unvaccinated dogs.

As of March 2023, the FDA approved a Pavo Antibody injection with a 98% survival rate in the pups that receive it. This is the first break-through in the treatment of Pavo as it immediately attacks the Pavo virus and attempts to kill it off in the body before it makes the puppy deathly ill! This gives me hope for the future of Pavo in our country. Unfortunately since it is patented, its price can run $1500 and more just for the injection, not including the hospital stay, iv fluids & other treatments…

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