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Wysiwash Sanitizing Kills Parasite Eggs & Viruses, Such as Parvo, in Outdoor Areas

Updated: 6 days ago

We started using Wysiwash 9 years ago to keep our patio, lawn and dirt areas where puppies were running, clean and sanitized. Repeated daily use can kill off lawns & plants, so we put in green artificial turf. We also spray below the leaf line of plants and bushes to protect them from dying. Prior to our daily outdoor spraying, we carefully remove all signs of feces.

In light of our current Parvo situation, we have been spraying all the outside areas completely around the house. Walkways, rocks, dirt, grass, and porches are being sprayed daily.

Read more about Wysiwash here:

Here is a video of our trusty, hard working assistant, Jasper, using Wysiwash to clean & disinfect walkways, kennels, litterboxes & the small swimming pools used to house the younger and smaller pups. Also notice the 'litter box' of disinfectant right outside the doorway into the house. We use this to sanitize the bottom of our shoes. The garbage bags are full of used litter that will be safely removed from the property.

Coming up in our next blog read more about our indoor sanitizing solution, RESCUE. This veterinarian and animal shelter approved cleaning solution can be used indoors & outdoors.

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