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We survived Parvo!

Families and puppies are overjoyed on their long awaited meeting day! So thankful for all of the love and support we have received in this journey with our puppies.

In the process of helping them survive Parvo, somehow we missed that they were also fighting off the yucky common puppy parasite Coccidia. Our veterinarian told us that it has been there and it just flourished during their illness, and then the stress of transitioning to their new homes was causing all the pups to have scary diarrhea and bloody stools. Just one more thing that our tremendous Puppy families have handled with so much grace and understanding.

Puppy parasites are so prevalent and present in so many puppies on a regular basis. The rescue and the Wysi Wash that we’ve used to get rid of Parvo is also what we will continue to use to kill off these parasite eggs from their environment. All their bedding is pulled out and washed from day to day. In addition to litter boxes, being bleached and filled with fresh wood pellet litter each day. They’re outside areas that they play in are sprayed down with the bleach in the WysiWash wash each day.

On top of everything, our sweet Rosie Girl traveled with us to California to meet her family. Unfortunately, she was a little scared of Poppy’s family and acting very cautious and worried. Dogs are extremely intuitive and can sense what’s going on around them. She knows the puppies have been sick and she knows that there is a reason that we brought her all the way from Kentucky to California. She didn’t choose them and her planned family wasn’t able to take her home with her daughter Poppy; however, another family had inquired about Rosie who has one of our Patsy/Scooter Aussie Doodle babies. Needless to say when this sweet Charlie and his parents came to visit Rosie at our home and Sacramento, it did take a few minutes for her to warm up to Charlie, but she warmed up to his mom and dad very quickly. Within 30 minutes. Rosie and Charlie started to play and that’s when they became best friends, zooming all over the backyard, and chasing with happy abandon.

We still have five puppies without homes that have been with us on this journey through the puppy Pavovirus, two absolutely adorable, Aussiedoodles and three of Sophie’s Mini Aussies. Understandably so, I think potential Puppy🥰 parents are a little scared, knowing that their puppy was exposed, and survived, such a worrying illness. However our veterinarian assures us that their immunity against this virus is now extremely strong, in addition to their general overall health & immunity. This experience has strengthened their immune system faster than most other puppies.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us. It’s definitely something that I hope we never have to deal with again. we have thoroughly bleach sprayed the entire property all the way around the house and into our fields, including all the way down our driveway. There is no way of knowing if we have effectively eliminated the Parvo from our property, however, the veterinarian has us starting to vaccinate our puppies earlier than we used to, so their immune systems might just be strong enough to fight it off sooner. She also has us re-vaccinating all of our mamas right as they are going into their heat cycles, thus passing on the maximum benefit of their antibodies to their babies.

We already vaccinate our mamas once a year. Of our 3 litters and 17 puppies that we treated, only 7 of them actually got sick with severe Parvo symptoms (1-3 puppies from each litter.) However, we started every single puppy, right from the first day, on the Parvo treatment protocol. I strongly feel like the IV immune boost they received from the vet was exactly what they needed to bolster their immune system as they fought off getting sick from this virus.

Please reach out to us if you are a breeder or a new puppy owner and you are currently dealing with Parvo virus in your babies. We would love to share our knowledge in order to help you survive this devastating puppy virus.

Julie (916) 600-4803

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