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The Beauty of the Black Tri Aussie

Updated: Feb 15

The Black Tri Australian Shepherd exhibits a striking combination of black, white, and tan. The base color is black, covering most of the body, while white markings appear on the chest, face, legs, and underbelly. Tan points can be seen above the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the ears, and on the legs. This color combination creates a visually captivating and classic look that is widely recognized and admired in the breed.


With a breed that is full of color and beautiful patterns it can be easy to get caught up in what the dog looks like. The black tri pupppies are always the last to be adopted & are frequently drastically reduced in price in order to put these outstanding babies into amazing homes. This is not just me, but all Aussie breeders out there.

I want to remind you that you're new puppy will be a part of your family for a long time, 15+ years hopefully, remember that no matter what color or pattern the dog has, it's still an Aussie.

Beneath that coat color is a dog that is kindhearted, loving with an amazing temperament, who is loyal beyond measure, and willing to do whatever you ask of him.

When you contact a breeder, tell them a little bit about yourself, who lives with you, your lifestyle, what you plan to do with your new dog, things you enjoy and would like your new family member to be a part of. I love to match people with the right puppy, and 9 times out of 10 it's not a puppy they would have considered based on color or sex.

I'm all for getting exactly what you want out of life... but sometimes we don't know what's best for us, we get our minds set on what we think we want, then go looking with blinders on. A lot of people pass up on an amazing lifelong companion because of COLOR.

Anyone who owns horses will understand this... A GOOD DOG DOESN'T COME IN A BAD COLOR

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