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Sick Puppies? Puppy Scammers?

PLEASE, PLEASE be vigilant and on the LOOK OUT for the MANY scammers and ill-reputable breeders out there trying to steal money from innocent people and families.


Look for a breeder with a valid Facebook Business page (with lots of history, not newly created) or even better a breeder with a website.  Always have more than one FACETIME or VIDEO Chat with Breeder & Puppy so you can confirm the location/puppy environment is in the same place both time. This also allows you to see the environment The Puppy is being raised in. 


NEVER Send a deposit until you have had this face-to-face interaction with breeder and Puppy.👍 if they make excuses or keep rescheduling your video call with them AND then keep pushing you for a deposit, run the other way they are a scammer!


The HEALTH of the puppy you receive is MORE important than getting scammed, here’s why:

I’ve been getting several messages from people saying they purchased a puppy from someone on Facebook and that puppy DIED within 24 to 48 hours after bringing it home. Puppy Pavo is absolutely crazy out there, especially by breeders that don’t prioritize the health of their pups. 

-A weak or unhealthy puppy is going to be at higher risk of contracting and dying of Pavo very quickly.  

-A healthy puppy can be exposed to Pavo and get sick, but if immediate veterinary care is given, they can be SAVED by the vet with IV fluids & meds. Look for breeders that offer a 72 hour health guarantee on your puppy.

PEOPLE are out there selling litters of puppies that are already exposed/sick with Pavo before you pick-up your puppy, frequently the puppies are under age, 5-7weeks old. The breeder may LIE and say the puppy is eight weeks old. 

As soon as the breeder realizes their litter of puppies are getting sick, they sell them before they start showing symptoms and before they can die. Frequently they are sold at an extreme 'discount' (but not always!) In their sick minds any money they can get for the puppy before it dies is better than nothing.

Please share this information on as many puppy page, groups and platforms as you can. Spreading awareness of these issues will save many people from heartbreak…

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Eeek, after lecturing everybody, and sharing the dangers of puppies with Parvo going home, we ended up with Pavo at our farm and losing one puppy that already went home with her new human mama and didn’t make it.😩 We will be offering her a replacement puppy at no cost when she’s ready. I feel like a hypocrite, but we are quarantining every single puppy for 30 days, as recommended by our veterinarian, Dr. Campbell. It has been an investment of $2800 with the vet for all of their treatments up till now. We will not send them home until they have tested negative for Pavo, all the puppies have been affected and exposed to Pavo, so at some point,…

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