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I love delivering Puppies!

Updated: Feb 15

We have a family member personally deliver every puppy. I personally do the honors as often as I can. This is only made possible due to a very supportive family and an amazing puppy assistant, Jasper you are absolutely amazing! Jasper handles all the animals on the farm while im gone, puppies, goats, rabbits and socialized/interacts with them all

Why do I enjoy delivering puppies? It is the sole reason I breed my babies! To create awesome, well socialized, healthy, well-rounded, confident pups in order to see those smiles of  joy on the faces of their new families. It's what I live for as a retired special education teacher, I now have a new passion in life. Puppies, family & grandkids. Join us on this journey and add one of our special pups to your family.🐾🥰

Ignore the tear stained face, this delivery was a little emotional. Love these sweet babies and the people to they get BLESS.

In the airplane seat with me (shhhh, don't tell the airline)

Our layover in the airport, a great time to sprawl out on a blanket and chew on a bone as we wait for our flight.

3 VERY happy ladies!

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Terri Ann
Terri Ann
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You did an amazing job bringing our pup Blossom and her brother together on a plane to our local airport. They are now six months old and we couldn't be more pleased with their personalities and easy going social characteristics. Blossom and her brother live only a mile from each other so they often get to play together. These dogs could easily be service dogs, and I attribute that to Julie & company's

selective breeding and early socialization of the pups. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to breeding and raising really good dogs.

Terri Ann
Terri Ann

Blossom from Julie Bline

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