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MAYBELLE is our resident 'Diva'. She runs the roost and is spoiled like you wouldn't believe!  She is our signature foundation Aussie, with an independent streak, but always silly!!   16" Tall   34 lbs.  ASDR registered with n/n health testing in all areas, except she is an MDR1 Carrier only.  She is our only dog that is a recessive carrier of a single MDR1 gene. And she is not bred with any other dogs that are carriers.

Our Awesome Aussie Dogs!

First and foremost, all our fur babies are our pets.  Yes, we admit to having an addiction!  Thus, the reason we needed a 30 acre farm in KY.

FRECKLES is our little goof ball or 'class clown'. Her antics can entertain us for hours. She gets along with everyone and anydog, although definitely shy with new people she doesn't know yet.  She is a super soft and silky, Black/White Bi (no copper.)  We just LOVE her coat.  She resides in a guardian home now with my friend Deborah, so she gets 1-1 spoiling EVERY day!

16" Tall  30 lbs.  ASDR

MAVERICK is from Pleasant Valley Mini American Shepherd in Oregon.  His sire is from Trails End Mini American Aussies.  He is a small compact LOVER!  Very low herding drive, gets along with everyone. He stands at 15" and 32lbs.  He is registered AKC & ASDR. 

 DURANGO came from Colorado. Thank you to JA Double L Farms-Aleisha Largent!  He is such a sweet lover boy.  He has piercing blue eyes and lots of white with a tiny bit of copper accents.  He stands at 16" tall and 32 lbs.  He is registered with ASDR.  He has all n/n health testing completed. He lives in his permanent guardian home now!


WILLOW is our resident since birth, mild-mannered, sweet as can be, little girl from Maybelle & Durango! She does not demand attention, always listens and is more than willing to wait her turn.  When it's snuggle time, she's all in!  She has a full, gorgeous, copper accented tail. She is 16" Tall, 31 lbs.  ASDR registered with n/n health testing in all areas.  Looking forward to the next generation of Bline's Awesome Aussie's!


GINGER is from Mini Wiggly Aussies in Fresno.  She is the 'wiggliest' little aussie we have!  She is a total LOVE!    15" Tall   28 lbs.  She is a small standard AKC aussie.  Also registerd with ASDR.  She LOVES all people, but doesn't trust new animals visitors right away.  She is n/n for over 150 dna tested conditions. 

WYATT is one of Maybelle's puppies from her very first litter!  He is built like a tank (loves to eat LOL), has big bones,
big floppy ears, HUGE soulful eyes and the sweetest heart ever!
18" Tall
42 lbs ASDR registered and n/n on all dna testing.

DIXIE is from Aussie Possie Kennels in Fresno, CA.  She is a smaller standard AKC Aussie.  She stands at 18" tall and is 38 lbs.  She is registered AKC and ASDR while being n/n by parentage.

In the snow.PNG
SCHNITZEL, our now elderly Daschund.  He loves the fire and is the quirkiest animal we own!

Non-Aussie Doggos!



He is our Siberian Husky.  He belongs to our daughter Lizzy!   He is the most vocal of our dogs and will greet you loud and proud, but really he's just a giant, loving, teddy bear that wants you to love on him.  If trouble is going to occur, he'll be the ring leader!

PATSY, the Purebred Poodle Puppy, is just a lovebug and our most recent fur baby added to the family!  She was offered to us in trade for Aussie stud serves.  We never thought we'd be a Poodle family, but she's fitting right in!  And being a white poodle too, not the best color for living in the country.  She actually brushes out rather nicely and I love that she doesn't SHED at all!!


Our livestock guardian dog is a gentle giant.  He is a Spanish Mastiff/Anatolian Shepherd. He lives up on the hill with the sheep and the goats. But he loves his people love and attention too!

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