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Australian Shepherds & Aussiedoodles
Miniature & Smaller Standard Sized Puppies
Aussies, Mini Aussies, Aussiedoodles & Doxies :)


All our Puppies keep their Natural Tails! 
Find Out Why We Keep Tails & Dew Claws? (Click Here)

 - DNA Health Tested Parents -
​- 5 Year Health Guarantee -
- Lifetime Breeder Support -
Registered with ASDR
(American Stock Dog Registry) 


- Sacramento, CA and Burkesville, KY -

All our puppies are raised on our 30 acre farm in Kentucky. We drive or fly them out to Sacramento, California or personally fly them to you anywhere in the US.

Read more about us below...

“Bline's Awesome Aussies is an ethical breeding program you can trust. It is our goal to help individuals find comfort and joy in their new furry companion. Our dogs play hard, love hard and are part of the family. We prepare every single pup we raise to excel in all adventures they will have in life. They have solid stable temperaments, excellent health and sound structure. Puppies are raised using Early Neurological Stimulation and Daily Exposure Curriculum which helps them develop into intelligent, trainable, well socialized puppies, able to withstand stress appropriately, and suitable for everything from beloved family pets or agility partner to trained service dogs."

-Claudia Bline, Daughter-In-Law

Sacramento, CA

puppy delivery transportation car


❤️DELIVERY: We will be traveling to Sacramento, CA to deliver puppies reserved for our CA families, 2-4 x year! Our son & daughter-in-law, along with all our close friends and family, still reside in CA. We can meet you along the way on our road trips from KY to CA. Aussies, Mini Aussies, and Aussiedoodles come to you!

❤️FLIGHT: We can personally fly your puppy to your closest international airport. Our nearest airports are in Nashville, TN & Louisville, KY.


❤️IN PERSON: If you have the opportunity to pick up your puppy in person, it is an experience you will always remember. The countryside here in rural Kentucky will take your breath away!

#3 Family with dogs on Leash

The Original Bline Family Aussies

- Buckwheat & Katie -

❤️IN THE BEGINNING: In the year 2000, we did extensive research on the best family dog for the Bline family. As dog lovers, narrowing down to 1 breed was not easy.  We were running a preschool/daycare in our home and so things were always busy. We narrowed it down to the Mini Aussie fairly quickly: We loved how smart they are, how protective they are, and that they love to be interactive with their people. In our home daycare business, they were great with the abundance of children, having endless amounts of patience for all ages from babies to teenagers.

❤️OUR DOGS: Buckwheat, our red merle, did his share of 'herding' kids around and he LOVED to chase a ball for hours on end.  Katie, our blue merle, was a little more reserved, but if you were sad or suffering anxiety, she was the first one by your side.  Her intuition and level of love for her family was off the charts.


❤️TRAVELING: We loved taking them on road trips and camping! Our Mini Aussies went everywhere with us and have always been an integral part of our children's (and soon to be grandchildren's) childhood. One of them is ALWAYS laying at our feet (or on top of us, if they could get away with it!)


❤️OUR FIRST LITTER: We hand raised our first litter of Mini Aussies in 2004, and several of them went home with some of our families. During the 10 years of in-home preschool, many of our families also became an 'Aussie' family!

Sofie the Mini Aussie Puppy

This sweet girl is Sofie.
She is our 2021 'keeper' from Reba & Wyatt!

A NOTE on the initial COST

of a Quality Well Bred,

Well Raised Puppy


❤️CHEAP PUPPIES? There will always be cheaper everything in this world. Spend less on a puppy today and way MORE over the next 12-15 years in vet expenses due to health or behavior complications vs. spending MORE on your puppy NOW and save yourself from future outrageous health care bills, along with the emotional trauma of raising a poorly bred puppy... Which option should you choose? Save yourself heartache, please take time to save the money you will need for investment in this significant addition to your life. In the meantime, we encourage you to complete an APPLICATION and get yourself on our WAITLIST.


❤️RESPONSIBLE: Ethical breeders put thousands more dollars and hours into their dogs in order to save buyers tons of frustration, heartache and money on the back end. However, raising quality dogs does drive up the cost of the puppy. See our adoption fees page for a listing of expenses that go into our dogs and your future puppy.


❤️LINEAGE: If the known lineage, quality DNA tested parents, proven temperaments and top maintained facilities, in addition to the amount of time spent with them daily, is worth the money to you, then I am so glad you found us! This is a 12-15 year commitment to an animal that will live with you everyday. We are SO glad that you are taking this seriously. Your diligence is the characteristic we are looking for in prospective adopters. We care deeply about our Aussies, Mini Aussie and Aussiedoodle puppies and the homes they go to. We are excited to get to know you!

new family puppy blue merle aussie

Why Invest in a Bline's Awesome Aussies Puppy?

❤️EXPERIENCED: We raised our first litter of Mini Aussies in the year 2004 after falling head-over-heels in love with our 1st family Aussie 'Buckwheat'. We knew one of our ministries in life would be sharing the joy of healthy, high quality Australian Shepherd & Miniature Australian Shepherds with other families. 

❤️HEALTHY: All adoption agreements include a 5 year health guarantee and all our dogs have been DNA health tested clear on over 100+ genetic issues that can affect Aussies and Poodles AND they have TAILS for improved coordination and agility throughout their entire lives. So much more is communicated through the Aussie Tail & Their Butt Wiggles!


❤️QUALITY: We know the pedigree and lineage of all our breeding dogs. We have met one or more generations from each of our dogs and have assured that they have health, longevity and exceptional temperaments.  We know what we are breeding for and exactly what we are getting in our puppies. Of course their personalities will all be different, but their genetic make-up predisposes them to their success in life. The only time one our babies hasn't flourished is because of trauma incurred in his/her new home, lack of training/structure, or just plain neglect. We ALWAYS take our babies back at any age, rehabilitate them and either match them with a new home or let them live here on the farm.


❤️PASSIONATELY NURTURED: They are raised in our home and on our farm as part of the family, receiving Early Neurological Stimulation, in addition to their exposure to people and animals on our busy farm.  We work hard to expose your puppy to many different sights, sounds, smells, textures and experiences before they leave us.  This includes the neighbor kids who come to help with the animals too. This provides you with a pup that is more confident, active, curious, intuitive, easier to train, and has a better response to stress than most other puppies that are bred and raised in someone's backyard, garage, laundry room, barn or kennel.


❤️TEMPERAMENT: We closely observe and evaluate each pups individual temperament starting at birth until they leave to help you know your pup before you take them home.  We want to make sure the one you take home will be a good fit for you and your family.  We continue to provide lifetime breeder support to you and your fur-babies with any health or behavior issues that may pop up with your pup. Call or message us any day, anytime, for advise or problem solving, with any issues you may be struggling to manage with one of our dogs. We are also in partnership with dog trainer, Devon MacDonald, that is like-minded in our philosophy of raising these smart herding dogs, please feel free to reach out to Devon with NexGenACS, she is located in Morgan Hill, CA, but she also does virtual training consultations.


❤️POTTY TRAINED: They have already started with potty training by having access to a litter box full of pine bedding pellets and/or grass pellets, starting at 3-4 weeks of age in addition to practice with heading outside to go potty. We teach them the 'Go Potty' command when we first head outside. 


❤️LIFETIME SUPPORT: Lifetime breeder support includes direct breeder consulting throughout the life of your puppy and access to special discounts for a professional trainer through our partnership with NextGen Aussies, Collies & Shepherds.

❤️EDUCATED: What started as a family passion has turned into a successful business.  We breed our animals to have friendly dispositions in order to create incredible family pets. We breed responsibly and according to best practices, which makes us your go-to for the best pet, service dog, running partner, agility champion, or whatever your family needs. Most importantly, we strive to match each puppy to it's best family and, in the meantime, each baby receives an abundance of love and socialization from birth, until their delivery to you.

❤️LOCATION: Lastly, our little farm is located right on the South Central Kentucky-Tennessee border in the beautiful community of Burkesville, KY. Your future furry family member is growing up in our little slice of heaven, right here in this beautiful valley called Marrowbone Hollow. If you travel to see us, you are welcome to camp here on the property overnight!  Coming soon: Our own VRBO Cabin on site that will be available for our guests.

Bline family farm hay roll
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