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Read our blog posts here for more information on our Parvovirus experience: BLOG
See more on our planned breedings for this year: PUPPY LITTERS


😍ADOPTED! Going to CA with us ❤️. MAVERICK is the sweetest, loving, outgoing, little Red Merle boy w/BLUE eyes. He should mature around 15-20lbs and has the waviest, kinky hair of them all. He has an extremely confident, spunky, playful personality.

Available to go home for pick-up on our farm in Kentucky the weekend of June 14th or they can be picked up from our home in Sacramento on Saturday, 6/22


F1b Generation - 50% Aussiedoodle/50% Poodle for guaranteed Aussie traits & hypoallergenic hair that will need regular haircuts every 8-10 weeks.


- 72 hr Health Guarantee

- 5 year Health Guarantee

- Lifetime Breeder Support

- Delivery Options Available

- Complete an application if you are interested in this boy, and visit our social media pages to see photos and videos of our past litters of puppies. Inquire with questions by texting us at 270–406–8228😊


Read more about Daisy & Charlie on the MEET OUR DOGS page of the website. Complete the Application if you're interested in adopting one of these amazingly sweet babies. Just click the Adoption Application link above!


PERSONAL NANNY SERVICES PROVIDED BY ME, the BREEDER, directly from Nashville to your local airport ranging from $400-$800 depending on costs & travel involved. Airline tickets, pet travel fee, parking/gas, +my hourly fee for all travel time. I personally prefer to deliver my babies directly into your arms!

‘Maverick’ Daisy’s F1b MINI Aussiedoodle Boy BORN 1/20 -DELIVERY AVAILABLE

  • IN-CABIN FLIGHT: We do not use puppy nannies, we PERSONALLY deliver our babies from our hands, directly into yours! Prices varies on airline prices, but it includes $100 professional fee, $100 airline pet fee, and the actual cost of the flight, $200-$500.(The total is usually around $500) They travel with us to virtually eliminate or minimize travel stress. We ALWAYS put our pets first.

    BY CAR: We can deliver via road trip or meet you half way for $1 per mile! We’re located in Burkesville, KY

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