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Rescue™ Lifesaving Sanitation and Disinfectant properties of this accelerated hydrogen peroxide product. Rescue™ can help us save puppies all over the US from Parvo!

Updated: Apr 11

Prior to our Parvovirus outbreak, we have always used a diluted bleach solution with dawn dish soap for cleaning, mopping and disinfecting inside areas. All pet laundry is run through the wash with Borax and the addition of Bleach both in the pre-wash and in the Bleach additive compartment.

As soon as we found out one of our puppies was diagnosed with Pavo, I immediately went online and researched the best disinfectant to help eradicate this virus from our facility. I found & ordered several Rescue™ products for our use. This product was confirmed as the most effective & reliable in killing off this virus in 5 minutes of contact time or less vs. bleach which requires a minimum of 10-15min of contact time.

However, the primary culprit of this virus transmission into each individual litter, was most likely though us and our personal handling of the puppies and the tools we use for disinfection. Our clothes, our hands and everything we touch, from the dog food containers, scrub brushes, door knobs, water faucet handles, water bowls, food bowls to the bottles of disinfection solution themselves, are all the culprits of transmission. Pavo is transmitted through dog feces and we are already cleaning up dog poop every single day.

So what do we do? Wash hands, wash hands & WASH HANDS before handling individual litters of puppies, before, during and after cleaning. We also change clothes after cleaning as often as possible, putting them directly into the laundry room for washing. We're are also using the Rescue™ wipes on our hands every time we have been in contact with litter boxes, or poop of any kind in addition to using the wipes on the handles of everything, we touch.

Read more about the use of Rescue™ in animal shelters here and share this information with others that may be battling a Parvovirus outbreak in their homes:

As of today, 3/16, we were able to help six puppies completely recover and most of our puppies did not show any, if only mild, symptoms. We have not lost any other puppies from our three litters since the start of the outbreak two weeks ago.


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