Australian Shepherds & Aussiedoodles
Miniature & Small Standard Sized Puppies
- We raised our first litter of Aussies in 2004 -

All our Aussies keep their Natural Tails
- DNA Health Tested Parents -

- 5 Year Health Guarantee -
- Lifetime Breeder Support -

Registered with ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry) 

- Sacramento, CA and Burkesville, KY -
All puppies are raised on our 30 acre farm in Kentucky



❤️We will be traveling back to Sacramento, CA to deliver puppies reserved for our CA families,1-2 x year! Our son & daughter-in-law along with all our close friends and family still reside in CA.

❤️We can personally fly your puppy to your closest international airport. Our nearest airport is in Nashville, TN.


❤️If you have the opportunity to pick up your puppy in person, it is an experience you will always remember. The countryside here in rural Kentucky will take your breath away!

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The Original Bline Family Aussies

- Buckwheat & Katie -

❤️In the year 2000, we did extensive research on the best family dog for the Bline family. As dog lovers, narrowing down to 1 breed was not easy.  We were running a preschool/daycare in our home and so things were always busy. We narrowed it down to the Aussie fairly quickly: We loved how smart they are, how protective they are, and that they love to be interactive with their people. In the daycare, they were great with the abundance of children, having endless amounts of patience for all ages from babies to teenagers.


❤️Buckwheat did his share of 'herding' kids around and he LOVED to chase a ball for hours on end.  Katie was a little more reserved, but if you were sad or suffering anxiety, she was the first one by your side.  Her intuition and level of love for her family was off the charts.


❤️ We loved taking them on road trips and camping! Our Aussies went everywhere with us and have always been an integral part of our children's (and soon to be grandchildren's) childhood.  One of them is ALWAYS laying at our feet (or on top of us, if they could get away with it!)


❤️We hand raised each individual puppy from our first litter in 2004, and several of them went home with some of our families. During the 10 years of in-home preschool, many of our families also became an 'Aussie' family!


This sweet girl is Sofie. She is our 2021 'keeper' from Reba & Wyatt!


Why Invest in a Bline's Awesome Aussies Puppy?

❤️We raised our first litter of Aussies in the year 2004 after falling head-over-heels in love with our 1st family Aussie Buckwheat.

❤️All adoption agreements include a 5 year health guarantee and all our dogs have been DNA health tested clear!


❤️Our little farm is located right on the Kentucky-Tennessee border in the beautiful community of Burkesville, KY. Your fur-baby is growing up in our little slice of heaven.


❤️They are raised in our home and on our farm as part of the family, receiving early neurological stimulation, in addition to their exposure to people and animals on our busy farm.


❤️We closely observe and evaluate their individual temperaments, starting at birth.  Then we continue to provide lifetime breeder support to you and your fur-babies. Call or message us any day, anytime, for advise or problem solving.


❤️They have already started with potty training by having access to a litter box full of pine bedding pellets and/or grass pellets, starting at 3-4 weeks of age.


❤️Lifetime breeder support includes direct breeder consulting throughout the life of your puppy and access to special discounts for a professional trainer through our partnership with NextGen Aussies, Collies & Shepherds

5 week long virtual puppy training classes available to all new families!

❤️What started as a family passion has turned into a successful business.  We breed our animals to have friendly dispositions in order to create incredible family pets. We breed responsibly and according to best practices, which makes us your go-to for the best pet for your family.


❤️Most importantly, we strive to match each puppy to it's best family and, in the meantime, each baby receives an abundance of love and socialization from birth, until their delivery to you.